I am hoping someone can help me.

I am currently running NOF 13 on my Windows 10 machine since 2015 with practically no issues at all. The hard drive in my current Windows 10 machine is on it's last leg and I need to move my sites to a new machine. I am a NOF web designer and I have all my client sites backed up in templates. I have a few questions I'm hoping the folks here can answer:

1. I have the original NOF 9 upgrade CD, and the original NOF 13 upgrade CD. Can I install the NOF 13 "upgrade version" on the new machine? If so, I assume it will ask for my previous version key .. the NOF 9 "upgrade" key? I forgot how this worked .. it's been a while. I ordered the new machine and don't have it at this time so I thought I'd ask before it arrives so I know what to expect.

2. The operating system on my current PC was originally equipped with Windows 8.1 when the NOF 13 upgrade was installed. My PC was eventually upgraded to Windows 10 shortly thereafter .. and it did not affect NOF 13 at all. I'm assuming that Windows 10 treated the software as a Windows 8.1 program and carried it over to Windows 10 in compatibility mode in order for it to work correctly. So, now that I am about to load the NOF 13 upgrade version on the new Windows 10 machine, I assume I will need to assign the EXE to open in Windows 7 compatibility mode for it to work correctly?

3. I also purchased the full version of NOF 15 in case my NOF 13 upgrade version wouldn't install correctly or work on the new Windows 10 machine. I'm not sure what to do at this point. I'm happy with NOF 13 ... but I've seen others having issues with NOF 15 with Windows 10. So I'm not sure what to do.

Your help and advise is very much appreciated.