Hi all! I have been making all my sites with NOF since 1999, almost 20 years now. Many of you have helped me a lot during my journey and I thank you all for that I have hoped that there would be an new version of NOF which would be more mobile friendly, but I have lost my hope already

I noticed that 97,6% of my visitors are using mobile so it's clear, that my 20 years old 'pc-first' sites are not working very well anymore and we have been starting to get hitted by search results also. I desided that I'll move all my site to work under forum software which we are using, Invision Power Board. We are using it already (forum, gallery, pages, blog etc) and it works very well in mobile. So I was thinking that I'll abandon NOF after all these years, as it is not anymore 'up to date'.

However, after few pints of vodka I realised two big issues. I have thousands and thousands of pages and any kind of moving them to IPB, even copy/paste or whatever, would take AGES. It took 20 years to build it, I just cannot rebuild it within a week

Another and even more important issue: hundreds of those pages are first or in top 3 in search engines. How stupid it would be just take them all down and make new pages under IPB with totally different site strukture and links and urls and hope, that maybe after next 20 years all those pages will be number one in Google again.

So, I totally turned my sledge and desided, that I'll move only parts of my site under IPB (for example front page) but I'll leave two another sections intact. I'll just make them as mobile friendly as I can with NOF and add videos etc. on them, make them more nice to look via mobile.

So, after this horrible long story I would like to get some hints from you, how to make more mobile friendly site with NOF?

What I'm thinking by myself:

- Main text must be bigger than I have now. What do you think, 12 or even 14?
- Navigation buttons must be bigger and easier to read from mobile.
- My text is now 'elegant' gray, it must be black because of better readibility.
- I need to make my site lighter.

Any another ideas, what am I missing here?

When I 'just' change site template/fonts/colours etc, I'm able to do this quite easily and I'll save all the good parts of 'old site' but get better results in mobile too.