Hoping someone can help me with this issue I am now having.

I installed NOF 15 on a new Windows 10 machine, and now after opening a website template I saved from NOF 13, the styles are not loading/showing under the styles tab. Click here to see: Click image for larger version. 

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I had an issue (posted here in this forum below) after I installed the update to NOF 15 with my Windows Defender virus/firewall programming running and NOF 15 wouldn't load after that. So it was suggested I disable my firewall and anti virus and try again. When I did, the update installed and NOF 15 loaded fine.

When I installed NOF 15 I had no other windows open at the time, however my Windows Defender anti virus/firewall was still running at the time. Could that be the reason why the styles do not appear? Should I have disabled Windows Defender when installing NOF 15?

Thanks for any help anyone can offer!