OK so we are developing a website that is centered in the middle. I have a White background on the left and right side. What is the procedure if I want to change just the outside left and right color? Again now it is white maybe I would like to use a burgundy color. I do not want the color to go across the entire page just the outside left and right. I may have a picture in the center part of the main website. I was thinking we applied the color into the background in site styles but it seems to bring that shade of red throughout the entire site not just on the left and right only.

I went into the selectors in site styles and under background on all 3 tabs i choose just the red color but only on the left and right columns I believe that stands for. Not the top or bottom or the whole page just the left and right and so far nothing those areas are all white with my background picture in the middle of the site working and looking good. Been awhile since I have been up here maybe I forgot allot of things.