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    I've got a pretty large site that I started with version 9. I am in 12 right now. It does all I want it to do except it doesn't respond quite often. If I wait it out it eventually does. I save the site very often just in case it does not come back. I don't think it was a perfect migration when I went to 12 from my last version. Lots of things needed to be fixed and frankly I don't want to go through anything like that again. So outside of the not responding issue 12 does have all I need but if 15 worked smoother I would pay for the upgrade. Hate to buy it and find the migration is having problems. Any thought on this and maybe just thoughts on improving my not responding issue? My site. Joel

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    If you template your existing site (turn it into a zip file) NOF makes sure everything needed is in that file. When I migrate to a new version or just to a new computer, I template the existing site and then move it but I don't do anything with the existing version or any software. I get the new moved or converted software working 100% before I even think of deleting the old software load. On my computer I still have NOF 11 with all my old sites as they existed then with NOF 2015 stuff. I never delete anything. I archive everything and I don't loose anything ever. I got stuff from 1985 floppies moved to hard drives. (Of coarse I had to buy 15 new hard drives from Amazon to keep everything running at the first of this year) There is all kinds of free backup software out there.

    BTW, saving software is not backing it up. Backing up means copying the existing site folder to another computer location preferable to another hard drive (like a usb drive) with the backup templates of the existing sites.
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    I guess the bummer would be.. I spend the money. I encounter migration issues and then either I fix the issues or I'm out the price of the new software.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dwolf View Post
    I guess the bummer would be.. I spend the money. I encounter migration issues and then either I fix the issues or I'm out the price of the new software.
    Before you spend any money, try disabling NOF's autosave function. (Just remember to save your work regularly while you're working)
    My website (not in NOF now) had hundreds of pages, and the regular autosave stalled the system for a couple of minutes after every change I made. This problem went away with autosave disabled. Might be worth a try.
    My last working NOF sites were in 12, and even though I purchased 15 when it first came out there was nothing changed of real note that warranted updating the major sites to 15. In the end I only updated 2 small sites, and general functionality was much the same. If you decide to upgrade you probably won't notice any improvement.


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    Thanks. With fear of crashing I have been saving many many times.

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