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Thread: publish keeps stalling

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    I have a www folder where the site gets uploaded to.. I happen to have three other small sites that are also in that folder that I don't update and I would probably need to upload those also if I cleaned out that www folder. There shouldn't be any reason why I don't have those site folders anymore but I would need to look in that if I were to clear out the www folder. Thanks. Do you think changing my structure would make any difference in performance or with the search engines? I fear that if I delete my www folder I might be opening a can of worms. I would only do it if there were real benefits.
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    I happen to have three other small sites that are also in that folder
    Alarm bells are ringing. Each site should be in its own folder with its own domain name and therefore its own index.html file in its root. UNLESS they are all part of the same site; it's quite permissible (and even advisable) to divide a site up into several smaller (NoF) sites linked by absolute URLs but if this isn't the case then each site should be as I've said, in its own folder with its own document root. Usually this is public_html on a unix/apache server.

    This indicates there may be something wrong with your file structure on you server. Something you should look into and verify.

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