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    Hi All

    I am trying to build a small classified website in NOF 15 and struggling with the following

    Embedding a customer upload form that payment is attached too. Is this possible the form would need to have a number of images attached.

    The other option could be to embed a template form into NOF is this possible?

    Or do I buying into one of the big platforms found on the net.

    I am new to NOF and would like to build a site then upload it allowing me full control and ownership of the site.

    Has anyone here built a classified site or know a way round the solution to operate a classified site.

    Any advice help or links much appreciated


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    You can add all the php or other code you want but every time you publish it you will have to add it back in. NOF does not keep or even see the code you add. NOF will not produce any code for web apps which you need to do.

    You are much better off using some 3rd party service or code that you can call from your NOF site. I have Pay Pal pop up payment forms I use from my site. Click on link and you will see one of the many forms I use from NOF.

    These kind of 1 page websites can be called from anywhere a link can be placed including iframes. This way I don't have to keep making these forms in different sites or emails or word doc files etc.....
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