I've had a couple of requests for the NOF 2015 software. Happy to provide IF you have the serial number. To do so I would need a PM with your email. The thing is I get requests to 'old' logins to which (for reasons best known to NOF) I no longer have access, and so cannot reply. THIS ID is the one to use now - older members may remember me originally as Gprit....

To this latest request:
" I've had fusion for years. Had 15. My hard drive
crashed. They were able to put a new on in and save some files but lost
all programs. I was able to load fusion 13 with old key but don't know how
to get upgrade to 15 which I bought at one time. I had no key or disc,
just an email with a download link. Can I still upgrade without paying
again? Also, with files lost is there a way to save my website to the
program from what's currently online?"

If you have no key for the software I cannot help, and you cannot upgrade.
If you have not backed up your website (Export as Template) you cannot now recover the site.
- cannot recreate from the live version.