Evening guys,

It's been a while since I last posted here - hope everyone is doing OK!

I'm looking to redesign my website as the old one is too wordy and looks outdated. When I bought NOF 12 many years ago, I also bought a template bundle, which came with some pretty smart designs compared to the dross that previous incarnations offered as standard.

Unfortunately, the template bundle disappeared when my old PC went bang!

I've got NOF 15, but as I'm a Catering engineer, not a web designer, I really need some decent templates to choose from so that I can try to get something decent up and running - which (hopefully) is where someone can help me out - if at all possible.

I've looked on Google etc with very limited luck, so was wondering if any of you guys may know where I can look at / download any resources for NOF templates, please? Or maybe someone has some that I could possibly buy?

Any help would really be appreciated :-)

I did half expect this place to be deserted, with tumbleweed floating across the screen. I was pleasantly surprised to see that things remain active(ish) though, with one or two names that I recognise from a few years back still cropping up - which is brilliant.

Real shame this ace software is no longer developed or supported. I appreciate other web platforms have evolved and sold well since the final release but it seems like a real waste to have something that made millions in years gone by just tossed onto the scrap heap.

Sad person that I am, I actually looked up the registered NOF Holding Company HQ on Google Earth a few weeks ago, which turned out to be a rented office in a suburban shopping mall.

I also looked at the last set of posted accounts and at the original holding company. Debts aside, this product had a really, really good sales record up until the 2015 version.

Like I said, real shame!

Anyway, if anyone can assist me with templates - old or new, I'd be really grateful.

Take care all, thanks for reading this - and have a Happy New Year :-)