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Thread: Templates - can anyone help me please?

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    I basically only design stand alone html sites without a back end database. I've tried both Joomla (see - a Joomla site I designed recently) and Wordpress (although I hate the latter and it is a target for hackers as so many web sites are wordpress based) but nicepage allows me to design sites the way I did in NoF. The available templates and blocks are modern, web 3.0 and fully responsive. SEO is as easy as it was in NoF and there is a fairly good support forum. It suits me because I can think and design visually and so far I haven't run into any snafu's that I did when learning the other mentioned apps (including Mobirise and Artisteer). Download the demo and play with it for an afternoon. I think it will meet your needs from what you've said and it has a shorter learning curve than the others. I also use Mobirise but don't find it as intuitive or easy as nicepage.

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    Si está buscando la portadas word, le sugiero que consulte los grupos en línea. Pasé por un sitio website, también puedes consultar allí.

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    I searched for a long time for templates for presentations to easily create it for my homework, and I did not find anything interesting for me. I recently found google slides presentation design , here they make high-quality presentations for me, even when I only have a topic, they are ready to do everything for me, it helps me save time a lot!

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