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Thread: NOF 15 upgrade, how to reload lost site

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    Default NOF 15 upgrade, how to reload lost site

    I had NOF 15 on my computer and recently had to have the hard drive replaced. I was able to find disc I had for 13 and install. Of course, my info was not backed up and lost.
    1. How if I previously paid for the upgrade to 15 (and had it installed) do I get that reinstalled? It was from a download, not a disc. Is there a way?

    Also, is there a way to get my website back onto my computer to make changes in 13 or 15 if I can upgrade.

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    I only have the full version of 2015 so that won't work for an upgrade. However, I'm sure somebody here has the upgrade installer. However, even with 2013 installed, if you do not have an exported template or, at a minimum, the .nod file and all assets, there is no way for you to re-create your web site from a published html site. Fusion is a database program which only generates the html for a web site when the site is published. It won't work the other way round. Afraid you're in for rebuilding your site from scratch. And this time, export templates every time you make changes. That way you can always re-create your site from the template.

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