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Thread: Website crashes when loading on Netobjects

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    Exclamation Website crashes when loading on Netobjects

    I have been using netobjects for over 10 years and just recently in the past few months I have been unable to load my Main business website on netobjects without it crashing the software and shutting down... I have some other small websites I dabble with on netobjects and they load fine but my more advanced and heavy data loaded main website is crashing once I open the file and click on a page to open a specific page... it seems to crash on every page I click on once the file is loaded in netobjects… not sure if a java script or some other random thing is causing this... I know when I initially load netobjects fusion program it will pop up a two errors... see below... but not sure if that has to do with the shutdown of my one website once I load it.... this error pops up when just loading up NETOBJECTS before I load in a website

    an error has occurred in the script of this page
    line 169
    char 3
    error expected identifier, string or number
    code 0

    and this error

    an error has occurred in the script of this page
    line 3
    char 3
    error sharedpath is undefined
    code 0

    PLEASE HELP.... I can't do any editing on my website for the past few months...

    also is there a new version coming out... think it has been over 5 years since I updated to 2015 fusion.????

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    There will be no further versions of NOF. The company is gone, dead, disappeared.

    Do you have Java JRE 8 32 bit version installed? If not, install it.

    Do you have a version of Internet Explorer installed? The IE engine must be available for NOF to use it for some functions.

    Do you have a backup of the NOF design files or backup zip templates? If not, you are as close to loosing every thing you have as anyone could be.
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