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Thread: NOF 12 will not install, wants IE 6.0

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    Default NOF 12 will not install, wants IE 6.0

    When I attempt to install NOF 12, I'm asked to install IE 6.0 or higher. So, I did this and even made it the default browser! I attempted to install again and it still asks me to install IE 6.0 or higher. My IE is ver 11 and I also have Edge. What am I doing wrong that NOF 12 will not install?
    Scott D. Turner

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    It sounds like you are using win 10. Disable bit defender and any other virus or malware software you are using.

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    Turned them off but did not make any difference. Still wanted IE 6 to be installed. Would redownloading NOF 12 or upgrading to NOF 15 make any difference?
    Scott D. Turner

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    NoF 12 was released in 2010, the reason it asks for IE 6. Problems are going to increase as windows is developed further until NoF no longer runs. I have 8-bit programs that won’t run at all on windows 10; I run them on a Mac in a VMWare virtual machine in windows 7 or XP. That’s just the way it is; NoF Fusion is many years out of date. If your site is important I’d suggest redeveloping it in another app. I’ve moved to Nicepage.

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