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Thread: Site does not export as template

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    Default Site does not export as template

    This very strange. Trying to create a .zip backup (as I always do).......all assets verified/optimised etc etc.

    It takes a while - and for a few moments says (not responding)....then I get the small box displayed saying Export successful. does NOT save it anywhere, let alone where i tell kit to save!!

    Anyone ever had this? - it's quite a large site with many videos also. ...

    I CAN export smaller sites ok.
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    check the default location
    C:\Users\Public\Documents\NetObjects Fusion 2015\Templates

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    Hi Anton - yes i also had checked there...although I keep in a different folder. Also did a search on my whole system to see if it had gone somewhere else in error.....nothing! I have two similar sites, both large and with many videos.

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    Still not found the reason or solution to this - is it simply the website is too large?? (lots of videos).

    Any further ideas welcome!

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    Yes, I have this issue.

    I have five website projects using NetObjects. Four export the template OK and produce the required zip file. I have just checked the contents of the directory it is saving to while exporting one of these projects (MyWebsite) and it created a file called zia08648 which changed to as expected when NetOjects reported "Template has been saved".

    The project which does not produce a zip file has a large number of high definition photographs. When exporting as a template a file called zia08648 is created as before and I tracked it reaching 906220KB (ie. approaching 1GB) after a couple of minutes before the file disappeared from file explorer, but NetObjects then still reported "Template has been saved".

    I assume that the huge size of the zip file cannot be handled somewhere.
    So with this project I backup the whole of the NetObjects User Site for it.

    With a copy of this project I have progressively deleted pages with their photographs and eventually it exported OK as a template and produced the zip file.
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    Interesting to know someone else experienced this.
    My site also has many photos set in Carousels....and many videos.

    Tried separating just the photos and just the videos but same result.
    Deleting pages/photos etc is not an option....!

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