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Thread: NOF 12 sometimes fails to open site

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    Default NOF 12 sometimes fails to open site

    We have a strange , intermittent, problem. We make changes to a page and publish the single page. Then make changes to another page and publish that page to the site. We then close NOF and a little later open NOF and try to open the site and it hangs (either no response or NOF just closes). So, assuming something for one of the 2 pages caused the problem, we start up the last successful site from the "Recovery" directory. We then repeat the steps above but close NOF after publishing the first page ,open NOF, make changes to the 2nd page, publish it, and close NOF. We can than open the site successfully. To avoid having to recreate too many changes after such a failure, we now close NOF after making changes and publishing only 2 pages. This is very inefficient. How can we debug this problem or get some insight on what is happening.

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    One other fact. Our site has 495 pages. Is there any issue with large number of pages on a site? Also, what is the scheme for naming the nod extensions in the recovery directory? I looks like it starts adding extra digits to the end of the file name based on the the Recovery file I reverted to. Does it create a new nod base number only after a full publish?
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    I would guess that the size of your site has something to do with it. That's a pretty big site to design/maintain on an HTML generator (as opposed to a database). What I have done in the past is break down large sites into sections, and have a separate NOD file for each section. As long as you keep the basic design elements the same, it should work fine. (You may have to manually generate some menus, though.)

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    Than ks for then suggestion. I'll try this.

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