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Thread: Changing menu drop down urls

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    Default Changing menu drop down urls

    The links in the drop down menus are automatically built by NOF to go to internal pages based on the site's hierarchy. Is there a way to change one or more of the drop down links to go to an external URL? Or alternatively can a separate drop down menu be built and then be attached to a menu item? If any of this is possible, please point me to examples of how to do this.

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    Yes, both are possible and from memory are not difficult to implement. Unfortunately the support documentation is no longer reachable on the NoF site and I haven't used NoF in a very long time. If it's not urgent I'll have a play around in the next few days and see if I can remember/figure out how to do it.

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    I appreciate your help. Thanks.

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    Great, it also helped me. Appreciate it. Also, check TeamViewer Alternatives & Similar Software

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    Interesting to know about that. Really good. There is an ReapIt IT Consultant who provides custom erp software

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