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Thread: NOF 8: Display of pages in Internet Explorer 11

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    Default NOF 8: Display of pages in Internet Explorer 11


    I'm a new member from Germany and of course I found you because I have a problem... ;-)

    I run one of the largest animal adoption sites in the German speaking countries and am still using NOF 8 (upgrading lead to problems, so I went back).

    I have Windows 10 and as a browser I use Firefox - My site is looking completely normal in that browser as well as in MS Edge.

    Now a friend informed me that she has problems viewing the site with the IE 11, so I checked and she is right.

    Because the website is so big, I divided it up in several projects^. The dog-pages are looking fine, but the cat-pages (a different site, only joined online on the webspace) show several glitches:

    Attachment 1 is screenshot from this page:

    You can see that 2 of the pictures have "something" on top of them - On the top left it's a white line, on the bottom right it has the same color as the background and covers the dividing line.

    In addition the word "Katzen" under the top left picture has a white background. The others don't.

    Also, if you look closely, you can see a small white line in the menu/navigation bar under the fourth button on the left and above the third button from the bottom which are not supposed to be there.

    Attachment 2 shows another shows an overview of the cats looking for a new home, and you can see the same problem with the "something" on top of the pictures, which breaks through the lines of the table and also covers part of the words.
    For comparison how it's supposed to look see attachment 3 for a display of the same page on firefox.

    As far as I can see all different sites (dogs and cats) have the same design and settings, but something must be different?

    However, while the navigation bar on the dog site is leftbound, on the cat site is centered, and for some reason I am not able to change that. Maybe that has a meaning?

    I'd be very happy if you were able to help me with this problem.
    If I haven't describes something well enough, please let me know - English is not my mother tongue. ;-)

    Also, it's late evening here, so please bear with me if I maybe don't answer immediately.


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