What software can I purchase to replace my NOF 15? Prefer something that will make it possible to simplify the transition of my NOF personal web sites to the new software (4 sites, about 25-40 pages each). Prefer software on my PC hard drive rather using a cloud etc. Rather one payment up-front than monthly fees.
I have been using NOF since Version 7 in 2007 and always upgraded to the latest version when available. Just a moderately skilled user but managed to fluff my way through mastering NOF and publishing my own hobby pages on an irregular basis. NOF 15 is rather old and unsupported with no updates. I feel that NOF users have been abandoned and I want to update to a program that has support and is still current and being updated.
Please, would love to receive advice, especially from anyone who has already explored this issue or hopefully made the transition to something new.

Fingers crossed, Don