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Thread: Nof 2015 jdk not installed

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    Default Nof 2015 jdk not installed

    Have not used my 2015 version since purchasing a while ago (I've been a NOF user for many versions!!). I just started a new website for the first time in a couple years, and when I try to publish a pop up error message says "JDK Not installed". So I updated my JAVA and still getting the same message. Anyone have any clue what I need to do to be able to publish to server?

    trying to use ftp - did not use advanced options.

    ty you advance!

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    Do you have Java JRE 8 32 bit version installed? It needs to be the 32Bit version

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    There are many errors, the cause of not being able to install Java on the computer, for example you may get errors 1601, 1618 when installing Java.

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