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    NordFX is an international broker that provides individual and corporate clients with a full range of services for trading in the Forex market, stocs, gold, silver and cryptocurrencies (currently there are 14 cryptocurrency pairs available, consisting of the most popular cryptocurrencies to the US dollar).

    The company was founded in 2008. In all its endeavors, NordFX supports the most modern technologies and advanced software, constantly expanding the range of financial instruments and services it offers. Over the years, NordFX has opened more than 1,200,000 accounts to clients from more than 100 countries. NordFX's services include investments in global stocks with high returns and capital protection of up to 100%, as well as the latest system for automatic copying of trading signals with risk control RAMM.

    NordFX features minimal spreads, immediate order execution and a leverage ratio of up to 1: 1000, which is available for all currency pairs and metals. The fixed margin for crypto pairs is specified in the account specification. Accounts, as well as deposit/withdrawal of funds, are available in both US dollars, bitcoins and ethers.

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    How to Build Forex Support and Resistance Levels

    You can build levels on charts of any timeframe in different ways. Professionals often and quickly do this manually using the auxiliary charting tools built into the MT4 terminal. However, it is difficult for beginners to find extremes. To simplify their detection, auxiliary indicators such as, for example, Fractals or ZigZag are used, which automatically highlight local lows/highs.

    Pivot, Murray, Fibonacci formulas are also used to calculate support and resistance levels. They are implemented as separate user indicators. It should be noted that there are many other indicators that apply all types of markup without your involvement. Many of them are already integrated into MetaTrader 4, making market analysis much easier.

    How Levels Are Used in a Trading Strategy

    Patterns in price movements near support or resistance make it possible to use them for different purposes. One of the most important purposes in developing a trading strategy is the signal function. Trading in this case occurs both on a rebound from the level, and on its breakdown. There is also a mixed type of trading, which includes other signals for opening or closing positions as well.

    The ways of trading at levels can be very different. Conservative trading , advocated by many textbook authors, involves working in the direction of the trend, while aggressive trading involves opening positions in both directions or against the trend. Each technique has a right to exist, but one should consider how strong the level is. The probability of a breakout of a strong level is extremely low, so rebounds are practiced in this case. Weak levels , which have only a couple of touches, are overcome by the price like a knife in butter. Therefore, the probability of a breakdown of a weak level is quite high. Although false breakouts often occur on Forex - cases when the price seems to have already overcome the support or resistance zone, but instead of going further, it turns back and returns to its previous positions.

    At moments when the strength of traders playing to raise and lower the price is roughly equal, there can be price consolidation. If you see that the price is being squeezed like a spring - consolidation is there for you. And we can expect that at some point this spring will be open, which will lead to the appearance of a sharp impulse in the change in quotes and an increase in volatility.

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    I understand what you mean, but this is a big risk, as well as money transactions.

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