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Thread: Jewellery you like to wear

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    Default Jewellery you like to wear

    What jewellery do you wear?
    Rings? Necklaces?
    I still have my LUXE collection bracelet but I can't find my fitbit flex tracker

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    LUXE is nice, I like rings the most, golden ones.

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    The Luxe collection was nice, but my wife wants something nicer and girly. Whenever she gets mad about something I get her a piece of jewelry. You must think that it costs me a lot of money, but if you know where to look you will be fine. There are beautiful jewelry pieces that can be found online for a price that is wonderful. You might want to ask how I found out about the tiara jewelry website, but the answer is simple. I do a lot of stupid stuff, and I had to find a way to stop spending a lot of money, that website has saved me from spending a fortune.

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