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Thread: First character for games/Diablo 2

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    Default First character for games/Diablo 2

    I studied anatomy last year and this is my first character made with a focus on games (Prince of Persia Warrior Within for new generation), I will be grateful for any opinions on what I could improve.
    What is the situation with Diablo 2?

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    You want to make a character for Diablo 2?

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    I don't know if this could help you somehow, but I really love how characters in Diablo 2 look like, they look so realistic, and just satisfying. I know a games designer who told me that the characters in this game are really on fleek, one of the best works he has seen for such a game, usually in games like this, they are not really thinking of details, and small features of the characters, as he said. I've bought many d2items and characters from the store, so if you need some material from me, I can help you. Anyway, your work is really good, I hope you see it too.

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    I'm a fan of diablo games. Besides the physical, I think the game system is very well done. This is the highlight of this game.


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