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Thread: Rebuilding a part of a house/Scaffolding needed?

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    Default Rebuilding a part of a house/Scaffolding needed?

    I want to rebuild a part of my house, and I want to do it with a scaffold platform, could anyone loan it me?

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    i know a comapany that can consult you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JessicaBaker View Post
    i know a company that can consult you.
    which one?

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    I always wanted to have my own house, with a big number of rooms, a garden, and a pool. When I grew up I fulfilled my dreams and now I have such a house. The main problem is that you need a lot of money and time to take care of a such house. I almost work all my time and I have to find people that will do the house holding. I try to do some things by myself. For example last week I wanted to clean my chimney and I had to use scaffold tower Hire. I didn't know it is so complicated to work on heights. It is hard to concentrate. Luckily I knew that I have a good scaffold tower.
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