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Thread: Proposal submission for International business

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    Default Proposal submission for International business

    I need the contact information of an At&t (Direct Tv) department that does international business. I need to submit a proposal to create DirecTV in another country.

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    now is not the best time for business.

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    I would not want to do this because there is a great chance of losing everything

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    I have always believed and continue to believe that Dubai is one of the most awesome places to start and promote a business. There are really all the conditions there, and they were created by the government so that as many businessmen as possible could comfortably work there. I read a lot of reviews on various business forums and over time I realized that I can also try this one. I didn't even think that my path as a businessman would be so difficult and soon I left for Dubai. I was incredibly happy with the fact that I set a goal for myself and I tried by any means to achieve the dmcc company formation and I succeeded. I'm glad I didn't stop.

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