In July 2020, the Beijing National Health Commission published an official document to accelerate the development and construction of fever clinics in medical institutions. The document also released clear regulations on infrastructure construction, quality control, and material reserves. Through years of experience, the chemistry analyzer of MNCHIP will continue to assist the infrastructure construction of fever clinics.

Follow the principle combined with the peacetime and wartime footing. It is planned to complete the construction and transformation of fever clinics in Beijing secondary and general tertiary hospitals and other related medical institutions from July to November 2020. With the plan’s implementation, Mnchip medical device supplier has already deployed in nearly 100 designated hospitals for COVID-19 treatment, which has extensively promoted the standardized construction and transformation in fever clinics.

During the process of constructing the clinical laboratory in Beijing, the chemistry analyzer of MNCHIP perfectly corresponds to the principle of clinical laboratory selection. According to the expert consensus on fever clinic laboratories’ construction capacity, the limited space of the fever clinic laboratories required a particularity area divided. Besides, the biosafety cabinet has a small space and cannot place a large device.