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Thread: 3 more dog food bowls please

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    Default 3 more dog food bowls please

    Just added 3 more saves.
    I had a 15-year-old female toy pincher, someone took her to my vet friend to put her down, but he refused because the dog was fine, except for a few miles on the clock. It's the duck boat (if its not made to swim, I would say that we have touched rock bottom!)
    Then there is a 7-year-old setter from Sicily who was found unconscious and close to death mainly due to leishmaniasis, our friends there was able to cure him, but then it had nowhere to hold.
    Then there's the smooth 3-year-old boy from the local rescue service who was with them as a puppy but was always ignored by the adoptive parents.
    They all received their new eternal home and many new brothers and sisters very well

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    Great job, you're the best
    what is the best way to feed your puppies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JessicaBaker View Post
    Great job, you're the best
    what is the best way to feed your puppies?
    Thanks to such good people, there is hope and a bright side in the world. I also met a good man once, he was the best vet I think. I came to the veterinary clinic with a problem, my dog had an allergy and the vet helped me. The vet realized that the problem was with the food I was using and gave me good advice and where to get the food . The advice was that you need to combine natural food and special dog food with supplements and vitamins.

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