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Thread: Anybody know of a good sale on Pmags?

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    Default Anybody know of a good sale on Pmags?

    A few weeks ago, someone placed an ad for a sale for $ 8, I think. Time to stock up.
    Any other sales?

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    I would also like to know about this, i need some but I want o save some mone on it

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    You can buy some Pmags on Lucky deals. It is a very good online store. I think you can find almost everything on that site. Once I started to think about what I have bought on that site and I was amused by the variety of the things it gives you. When I moved out I bought the decorations for my house from that site. This winter something in my car was broken and I bought the details I needed from that site. Also, I bought different things for my car from that site. I also bought my winter set of tires and the covers for my seats. Also, I like a lot how fast is the delivery.

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