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Thread: New Instagram channel and how to become popular in Instagram

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    Default New Instagram channel and how to become popular in Instagram

    Disney again repainted a large gate near the house Minnie in Multione. This time, it's perfect for taking selfies and sharing them on Instagram, so you can be the coolest kids on this side of the internet superhighway. Just remember to use #purplewall this is not Stitchland!

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    I've seen it, it doesn't look good.

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    To be honest, this drawing is not impressive, on the contrary, even disappointing. It was possible to draw something more cool and modern. I don't think that a photo against the background of this gate can surprise someone on Instagram. I would even say that if you put up a photo, then half of the subscribers will simply unsubscribe, lol. All bloggers know that subscribers are not so easy to get. Some of them buy subscribers to attract other subscribers and advertising contracts. So the Disney guys had better repaint this gate, because it's absolutely awful. I hope they fix it or have already fixed it.


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