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Thread: Help with fridge/It's not cooling

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    Default Help with fridge/It's not cooling

    My fridge has been working for about 10 years and last week it simply stopped cooling, yeah, it works, but it's not cooling anything... What's the problem?

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    Bro, change the refrigerator, haha
    I had the same problem, however, my refrigerator is a 2017 model year

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    Most likely, the problem is in the cooling liquid of the refrigerator, you should change it, or see what is wrong with it and why this is happening. My brother had the same problem and read an article on about how you can fix it, he managed to do it, although he does not understand the technique at all, and even more so in the refrigerator. Therefore, I think that you can also fix the situation without contacting the masters, who will charge you a lot of money, since these services are quite expensive. If you have any acquaintance who knows anything about this business, ask him . And one more tip - do not look for solutions in YouTube - it is useless.

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