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Thread: Auction House taxes

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    Default Auction House taxes

    I do not know if this is viable, but withdrawing/reducing the Auction House / deposit tax for a while may be beneficial to the economy.

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    Yes, but the calculation of taxes in this case will be much more difficult. All tax calculators are programmed for one action , but in practice there will be another . Just unknown characters will appear.

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    I had the same problem in one of the apps. I do business and constantly used a tax calculator and I got an error and after that, instead of letters and numbers, there were incomprehensible symbols, because of which I could not understand the result and could not fix it in any way! After that, my friend recommended me and I tried it and I liked it. Now I am constantly counting taxes there, as I am tired of errors and these incomprehensible symbols in the old application and no longer use it at all. However, the guy above wrote a solution to this problem and I thought-maybe fix it, maybe I'll try to fix it

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