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    Many escorts services and independent escorts give customers a “over the phone” quote which is nothing more than a rouse to lure you into booking with them. Then when they arrive at your location the bait and switch starts. This is wrong on so many levels. In fact it stinks to high heaven ! When doing business with a company where there are no surprises or no hidden costs that is a pleasure . I have had the privilege of doing business with ChicagoCity Escorts only twice so far , but both times it was better than the time before .

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    This place is straight up . They deliver what they promise , and that is a Good Time with No Hidden Fees . Why spend the hour negotiating when you could be having a Good Time ? That make s perfect sense . This escort agency gets it . The escorts we ordered were top of the line ,and they were also experts in entertaining me and my friend , not one time did they try to hit us up for more money . I want to thank you , and Chicago City Escorts for delivering what you said you would , Girls that were Hot and at a flat rate fee ! Thank you again ! You guys are the “bomb ” , and I can’t wait to get back to Chicago , and have me some FUN !

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    LIsten ! There is so much dishonesty in the adult entertainment business . It is synonymous with the industry . It is also deserved . On the other hand This company , has done a lot to change that image . How you ask ? By charging a Flat Rate Fee . I am not tooting Chicago city escorts horn . I am simply giving credit where credit is due , and they deserve a lot of credit for doing what no one else does , and doing it with integrity . I went away feeling good after doing business with this company . I had a good time . There was not Upselling or hustling , just a flat rate fee . The fee that I was told it would be with nothing else added or even asked for . Because I have never seen or experienced that before , I felt compelled to share my experience with the rest of the world . I called and thanked The owner Bill , and he graciously responded with a southern drawl , Thnak you . He also said that , if I really meant what I said to him , that putting it on his blog on the web site would be appreciated . I have never blogged anything , but because this was so unique of an experience , I felt like I had to.

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    I will gladly pay the cost of something if I know the cost upfront and agree . It is only when it is not what u initially agreed upon that it is a problem . Chicago City Escorts has been someone I have done biz with for over 5 years now . There is one big reason ! I always know what I am getting and what it is going to cost ! The industry should take heed . This is the best advise anyone ever considering using an escort service can get . Call someone who has a history and a reputation ! Chicago City Escorts has been around since the 1970 s , and they are still here ! It is with gods reason . They do not cheat their customers , and they do hat they say . Every time I call , Bill says , ” We are in the Have Fun Business !” As a longstanding customer , I can attest to this … And this is … Every time I call , I have a Good time !

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    Chicago is definitely one of the best cities in America where there are tons of corporate offices and high-rise buildings. This city is known for its amazing work ethics and people from all over the world come here to visit. If you are also in Chicago, and if you are wondering that what you should do in your free time, then hire amazing Chicago escorts who will not only provide you high-class services, but they will also keep you entertained throughout the time. These female escorts Chicago has to offer are really amazing and they have wonderful figures that will definitely grab your attention.

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    I think escorts are fine. At least better than people going to brothels.

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