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    Default Forex trading

    Hey, have you ever tried forex trading?
    What was your experience?

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    My boyfriend tried forex, and he was only spending money with no profits, I didn't let him do it anymore...

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    Yes, forex can make you lose a lot of money if you are not careful, but there are ways to have profits.

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    It is dangerous, but if you are smart enough about how you do the trades, there will be no problem. You need to find a good broker. You just get updates and recommendations from them. You pay a small commission to subscribe to their Forex signals, and that's it. They do not deceive anyone, and for me this is the perfect approach. In fact, people who do not understand what they are doing, make mistakes in forex trading. They do it wrong, and then blame everything but themselves. Usually, in such situations, they blame the Forex broker with writing negative comments, etc. It is not rocket science, but you really need a good broker.

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