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Thread: Weighet blanket suggestions

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    Have you ever tried sleeping under a sleeping blanket?
    As far as I know sleeping under weighted blanket improves your sleeping?

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    Is it really that good? I see a lot of people buying them...

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    Well it's working for my wife, she swears that she can sleep only because of the weighted blanket.

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    I've seen a lot of similar posts about weighted blankets. To be honest, I didn't really believe in this theory that weighted blankets improve sleep. I recently saw blankets on the and there it was also written that weighted blankets improve sleep and help you get enough sleep. I decided to order a blanket like this and check it out. By the way, all the blankets were very beautiful and interesting, with a great variety of colors. So, after sleeping a couple of nights under this blanket, I noticed that I became less nervous because I got enough sleep. It was as strange as possible for me, but it was true. Under this blanket, I felt warm and as comfortable as possible.

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