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Thread: Dream car = classic car

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    Default Dream car = classic car

    What's your dream car?
    as for me I'm a lover of classic cars

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    I also prefer classic cars more, this is my love.

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    I agree with you, classic cars are beautiful. Unfortunately, I recently had to sell my baby because I needed the money. I was incredibly upset, but I consoled myself with the fact that at the first opportunity, I would buy myself a car like this again. The process of selling a car was not as simple as it seemed to me at first. I just posted an ad on social networks and it was a mistake, I started writing different morons. In general, I had to look for another way. As a result, thanks to the review, I managed to find best sites for selling classic cars. From that moment on, the air Force was fine, without nerves and without various morons.

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