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Thread: Wordpress plug-in.

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    Default Wordpress plug-in.

    hi guys, I'm just wondering if you know of any Wordpress plugins that would allow access to a member's personal page. There are so many of them that it is tedious to try to find the right one. I need a plugin that requires you to register on the site and also accept payment when registering. I also want the site to be able to redirect to a personal page after registration, rather than the same page that all members can see when registering, if that makes sense? with respect

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    You need to know that installing too many plugins will lead to glitches

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    There are some security plugins that can help you with this problem. I think that if you look in the setting of that plugin you can choose the people that can enter your site. In my opinion, the security plugin is the first plugin everyone should install when building a site. Of course, it depends on what type of site are you build. For example, I have an online shop and the security of the customer's data is very important. Also, this is the reason why I chose WordPress because I can install a lot of plugins, I even installed a WordPress price calculator.

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