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Thread: Financial Freedom - I'm coming for you!!!

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    Default Financial Freedom - I'm coming for you!!!

    I've been visiting these forums for a while now, but I need to force myself to split up, get rid of the mortgage, and become financially free.

    So, I called last Monday and the mortgage was £ 160,306. 48, scary!!!!!!! What's even scarier is that the mortgage is only interest, and it only has 9 years and 4 months to run, SWALLOW!!!!!! So I need to get mine !!! in the transfer, Sharpish takes control of it.

    We currently pay an overpayment of just over £ 200 a month, but we need to substantially increase this amount to make any dent in the mortgage over the next few years. I made 2 overpayments this week, one of $307.48 and the other of $19, so the total is now $159,980.

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    Nice, mate, congratz

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    Hey, well done guy, keep it up. I also recently began to be interested in such a term as financial freedom. I think that you will already know it in full. Unfortunately, I just started , and I really wish I had started earlier. But thanks to the Internet, I learned what it is, I read a lot of different articles about it, even here I found a lot of interesting and informative . Now my main goal in life is to achieve exactly what I want. Financial freedom is now my number one goal in life, although it is difficult to achieve it now because of the pandemic in our time, but I will try and wish you good luck as well!
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