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Thread: Last Night's Poker - 4 Ways Mostly $1 Ante

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    Default Last Night's Poker - 4 Ways Mostly $1 Ante

    Last Night's Poker - 4 Ways Mostly $1 Ante
    We had a guy who won with a straight flush - I've never seen that before.
    I caught one guy on a big bluff and won, and bluffed a few more times to win, including my wife.

    A lot is lost on the ace Duecy or High Low the 2 card game - a kick on the edge that doubles the loss.
    This happened at least 10 times, so the bank became large.

    We had long jacks or better RIDES to win, and eventually I threw a $ 20 bluff, and I got a call from a guy who had 3 9s.
    He won the pot of $ 131. Pretty good jerk! Among friends, we grilled, chatted, and had fun!

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    It sounds very profitable, Poker is the only gambling game I play

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    Playing poker with friends is a lot of fun. We started to play its game with the boys when we were in High School. Almost once in a month we were driving beer and playing poker in my garage. After we graduated we started to play rarer because a lot of my friends live in different cities, and now because of the quarantine we can't travel between cities and play. One of my friends found an online casino where we can create our own tale and play together. I like that there you can play on small bets, because we play for money just for fun, and our bets are very small.

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    Wow that sounds pretty interesting in the lockdown times.

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