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Thread: Re-Optimisation Problems

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    Default Re-Optimisation Problems

    I have a very large website, about 4Gb. Although it is large it is fairly straightforward - a mass of text and photographs with just one or two embedded mp4s. I re-optimise it frequently because otherwise navigating through the various pages is very time consuming. For no apparent reason reoptimisation will no longer work. It runs through "updating dependencies" and compacting the .nod and the databases but then stops saying there is "insufficient disk space". Whatever causes this problem it is emphatically not lack of drive space. It is doing it every time. I have tried running it all on my partner's laptop and the same problem occurs. So it's not hardware. It won't re-optimise even old back up versions that used to re-optimise without problems.

    Another user flagged the same problem several years ago. I have carried out all of the potential remedies suggested then: all of the assets are verified, there are no assets of 0Kb. I would like to export to a template but that won't work either and never has. I have tried re-optimising again and again. Each time I have to replace the .nod file with a backup. Does anybody know what on earth is causing this? I get so tired of the various ways that NOF finds to thwart you. I don't suppose re-loading the software from dis might help?

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    "insufficient disk space" can mean that NOF urges you to run it as administrator. right click on the icon.
    have you tried re-install?
    also, think exactly what has changed on your side. Windows updates? Java updates?

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