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Thread: Best online weed website?

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    Default Best online weed website?

    I bought weed online yesterday and it was bad... Where do you guys get weed?

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    I have heard many similar stories, you need to be more careful in choosing a store. I just don't smoke, so I can't recommend anything.

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    Well, I'm sorry to hear that, but it's really not uncommon. This often happens, and it's sad. You need to choose the official online weed stores, this is important. Only such stores sell high-quality products. For myself, I buy marijuana on , and it's a great store. I also did not find this store the first time. I also have a similar sad experience.
    It is unnecessary to search the Internet for marijuana in unclear sources because such sellers will never sell you high-quality marijuana. This can be very dangerous for your health. Therefore, I recommend you to be pickier and choose reputable online stores.

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