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    Is it cheating if you hire an escort to an event if your girl is not available?

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    It depends on the girl you are dating! But I would consider it cheating

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    A difficult question. If you have a girl who just can't go with you, then why not

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    I also often have sex with girls I don't know very well. And I often use escort services with my friends, usually this and we really like it. We believe that this is normal and should not be judged or punished. I believe that it is better to have proven and high-quality escort services in the city than to sell alcohol openly in stores! Guys, sex has long ceased to be something too intimate, and it's time to admit it.
    They have the right to do it! Why not? don't be so categorical about it. Every person is free and has the right to do what he wants, if it is legal of course

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    I wonder if the person paying for this site has posts that are promoting prostitution???????

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    Great this site now promotes prostitution.

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