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Thread: Music Ideas for Outdoor Wedding Without Electricity/Or can it be fixed in 1 day?

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    Default Music Ideas for Outdoor Wedding Without Electricity/Or can it be fixed in 1 day?

    I'm leading a very low-key, laid-back picnic/barbecue-style wedding at a campsite with no electricity. In search of innovative and creative solutions for sound systems. Without using a generator. Thinking of battery-powered Bluetooth speakers, but wondering how I would be able to sync multiple. In any case, any useful tips are much appreciated, thank you in advance!
    Or can I fix our old generator and hold a wedding with electricity?

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    In fact, it is very important to approach this issue responsibly, as it is very dangerous. Consult an electrician.

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    I think that you should contact a professional electrician so that he can come up with a solution to this problem. When my friend got married, he also faced this problem and he and his wife decided to turn to cool electricians. They were able to prepare electric generators to operate microphones, lighting, and musicians could connect the necessary sound equipment. But a wedding in the forest will undoubtedly be remembered by both the newlyweds and the invited guests, and it will also easily become an exciting event. I really liked it and I hope you can also appreciate it!

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    Thanks for advice

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