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    I have no issue with Mobirise and the Code Editor is not expensive, it is $60 for first year and then $30 per year (50% discount after) (or you can buy the whole kit for $129 and then 50% less every year after)

    If you are scared of license servers, then you can't use Adobe CC or Microsoft Office 365 (I pay $130 for Office every year) and I pay $700 for Quickbooks Business every year and it also uses the license server
    I am not scared of anything. And I beat Microsoft at their own game. I use nothing from Adobe. There is a free compatible word replacement app that produces .doc files and it works on any OS from XP to Win 10. I like it better than Word itself. I made a GUI for MS Access that can make, read, modify, display Access data base records and it also works on any OS from Win 98 SE to Win 10. Any one/single version of Word or Access can't even do that. It took me 2 days to write it using software I already had. I don't need any other Office apps.

    I DON'T USE SUBSCRIPTIONS FROM ANYBODY AND NEVER WILL It is always possible to refuse subscriptions of any kind if you look around for alternatives or make something yourself.
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