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Thread: Install NetObjects Fusion 2015

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    Quote Originally Posted by antonsvideo View Post
    I have no issue with Mobirise and the Code Editor is not expensive, it is $60 for first year and then $30 per year (50% discount after) (or you can buy the whole kit for $129 and then 50% less every year after)

    If you are scared of license servers, then you can't use Adobe CC or Microsoft Office 365 (I pay $130 for Office every year) and I pay $700 for Quickbooks Business every year and it also uses the license server
    I am not scared of anything. And I beat Microsoft at their own game. I use nothing from Adobe. There is a free compatible word replacement app that produces .doc files and it works on any OS from XP to Win 10. I like it better than Word itself. I made a GUI for MS Access that can make, read, modify, display Access data base records and it also works on any OS from Win 98 SE to Win 10. Any one/single version of Word or Access can't even do that. It took me 2 days to write it using software I already had. I don't need any other Office apps.

    I DON'T USE SUBSCRIPTIONS FROM ANYBODY AND NEVER WILL It is always possible to refuse subscriptions of any kind if you look around for alternatives or make something yourself.
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    out of curiosity, do you also have an alternative to the Corona Jab?

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    I didn't want to start a flame... and won't comment the Corona graph also.

    Anton, it's true, not that expensive. Me, old school, just doesn't like subscription based software and I don't like the look and feel of their application. Moreover I don't know who they are. After some research, there is only information available about the founder Ni(c)k White and "Lucy Gray Chief marketing" (who seems to be a 22 year old student), well just the names and pictures.

    There's nothing wrong with being a virtual company but in my opinion Mobirise is no company in any common sense. It's just Nik (or Nick) - two sources, two different spellings - and Lucy (?). I wouldn't entrust that company all my websites. What if they go out of business tomorrow? What if their servers decline running?

    Oh, and they have a board too. On behalf of it, director Tom signed a sheet of assets worth 100 $. See the balance sheet I found.
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    Why do so many companies want the subscription pay model??? Ask ATT. ATT and the Bell Operating Cos. (BOC's) made themselves multi multi $Billionaires with this model. ATT had no competition. But they perfected the subscription model. ATT charged every customer every month for equipment and services and did that every month until the day a customer died. The customer never owned anything. They just kept paying every month and ATT crammed down their throats everything. Customers had little or no choices.

    This pay model is considered to be the best model ever invented. Companies get money every month. They don't really have to advertise much because subscriptions are essentially monopolies once you get hooked and locked in. The monthly income from subscriptions is very reliable and stable. Corporate planning becomes very easy and predictable.

    Add up how much you have to pay any vendor over five years with a subscription vs. what they wanted for you to buy it by versions of downloadable software you could choose to upgrade or not.
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