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Thread: Are any of you a crypto investor?

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    Default Are any of you a crypto investor?

    I recently spent some money on bitcoin, ethereum, and cardano, but with these new crazy capital gains tax proposals, I'm a little doubtful.
    By the way, I bought my first bitcoin back in 2013 for $ 27. Unfortunately, I wasn't smart enough to hold it long enough to take advantage of the current price of $ 34,000

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    To be honest, this question has been plaguing me the most lately.

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    In 2015, bitcoin and digital currencies in general were still a fairly obscure technology. Because of this, users who believed in the success of cryptocurrencies even then had the opportunity to invest in them at an extremely low price.
    For instance, exactly five years ago, on December 5, BTC could be purchased for $380. Since then, the main digital asset has risen to $19,000. Having invested in bitcoin in 2015, today it was possible to record a 4900% profit. However, it would require iron nerves not to sell the asset in 2017, during the rally. Hmm, I wish I had a time machine... But now there is a lot of technology, which makes cryptocurrency trading easier e.g. - bitcoin tumbler. Good luck to you!

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    In order for you to solve the issue of bitcoin transactions most safely, you will need the most reliable bitcoin-wallet. In addition, I advise everyone to make your cryptocurrency anonymous before making transactions. This way you will be able to completely eliminate the risks in the process of paying for goods or services on the Internet.

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    I have to admit that I was incredibly skeptical about crypto back in the day. Even in 2017, when bitcoin had the first boom, I was like, Nah, it won't last for too long. Only when I saw that it went up to 15.000 dollars and stayed around that value for around half a year did I decide to start investing in crypto. Since then, I left my job and started working as a full-time trader, and I don't regret that. Now, I hope this platform will help me find even more possibilities for making money as a freelancer.

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    Hello everyone, if you are investing in cryptocurrency, it is important to quickly respond to any change in its price. I use this one bitcoin price alert it's simple and convenient. I think you will like it too.

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