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Thread: Another problem with NOF

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    Default Another problem with NOF

    From time to time I need to add a magazine article I’ve written to my site. I first make a new page then copy and paste the text into the page from Word. I’ve been doing this for ten years without any problems at all.
    Now, when I want to add a word or even a single character to that text, it appears four or five characters back from the point of entry.
    I’ve searched the “text” boxes but can’t find any anomalies.
    Any answers would be gratefully accepted, please.

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    whenever you paste from word to Nof, you must paste special, unformatted text in order to strip all word formatting otherwise you corrupt your page and you will need to manually delete the word formatting rubbish code in the page and or masterborder html property panels, you will see this word formatting code right away
    (you can set unformatted text as default for paste)

    you can also paste unformatted text by right click, paste special, unformatted text

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