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Thread: My last post.

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    Unhappy My last post.

    Firstly I would like to publicly thank Anton Strauss for the only responses to my recent posts about problems I’ve experienced recently with NetObjects Fusion. By contrast, I have not received a single reply to three notes I’ve left on the “Contact us” form with the company, so I’m not impressed with them one bit. It is a good-job forum members are generally so forthcoming, otherwise, the whole help-line would collapse, but the company management, (assuming there is one), could not seem to care less.
    Unfortunately, all the remedies that have been suggested have not rectified the problems of, (a) reinstalling an older site or, (b) importing new text from Word. The remedial actions followed to the letter, simply don’t work on my computer.
    Importing a simple Word document no longer allows simple editing, irrespective of whether it is imported in formatted or unformatted text. It used to because I have done it many times over the years, but not any longer.
    Reinstalling an older site (.nft) which I hoped I could then re-build to look like my existing site has not proved possible either, after two solid days of trying.
    The irony is that in a week I will be only 50 miles from the most recent address of NOF in Doylestown, near Philadelphia, and I thought I might take the computer into them, to get it sorted, but I’m told there’s a fat chance of that!
    The whole exercise was brought about by a desire to “modernize” my boat site, but I’m not a graphics or web designer, so a few weeks ago I asked if anyone on the forum would be interested in doing it for me, for a fee, but nobody responded.
    Therefore I have now finally had it with NetObjects Fusion. It seems to me to now be an old-fashioned and unstable program to build websites, and the total lack of “factory” support leads me to believe it can’t last much longer. I can’t remember how many times it has changed hands since I started in version 2.
    I have now engaged a person I trust to build me a site using a different program, employing a shopping cart, Google analytics, and a newsletter subscription.
    This will therefore be my last post.
    Goodbye to all, and the best of British luck.

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    You poor baby. Your problems are mostly your doing.

    1. You need to learn to use the software. The NOF wiki is excellent at explaining how to do things right. When was the last time you used it.

    2. You need to get general computer skills. I don't think you have many. You seem to think you don't need to know much because you think others are obligated to jump to your aid when ever you need it. Help desks are drying up. Computers are not new anymore (they are 40 years old). When was the last time you took a computer course???? Or when have you actually studied a text book on your own???

    3. I don't help others much anymore because I don't think it is my place to spend more of my energy and time helping helpless others that don't want to spend any of their time fixing their problems.;

    4. Net Objects has clearly been out of business for at least 3 or 4 years. If you would come around this forum once in a while to see what's going on and maybe learn something new, you might have known it.

    5. It's time all people using computers learn to solve their own problems. Expert help is drying up and all of you have no god given right to free help while you do nothing for your selves

    6. Tough talk might get some of you people off your asses and learn something. Because we aren't going to give you free everything anymore. Enough is enough.

    7. I have used NOF for 20 years and I have never seen 99% of the problems that end up on this forum site. All the other problems I fixed myself because I learn how software works before and during the time I use it. I read a lot.
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    I think Rog is joking, John. "I thought I might take the computer into them, to get it sorted".

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    I sent you a PM but you have not replied....

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