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Thread: Upgrading from a 2011 Essential to 2015 - please help

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    Default Upgrading from a 2011 Essential to 2015 - please help

    In 2011 I used Netobjects Essentials to build a website which is running successfully ever since. I bought Netobjects 15 to update my site. However, the upgrade instructions from an older version requires you to create a template using the old software “Netobjects Essentials, 2011 version” AND using the same computer. I no longer have the software nor the computer. What can I do? I do have the install .exe file of the original Netobjects Essentials and the license number, but Netobjects no longer allows registration of the program. I
    Can anyone advise what to do? Please?

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    Try to install NOF15 first. Put in the activation key (serial) of Essentials when it asks for it. Then put in NOF 15 key. It then should install. If the software you don't have any more was the NOD and other work files used to create the site in the NOF GUI, you will have to start over. You can not go back from a published site to the work files. You should have archived your work files.

    You might have a problem upgrading Essentials to NOF 15. At one time it didn't work. Later on it did work. So try it.

    But NOF is getting so old it's time to change to something newer and responsive.
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