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Thread: Allow access to Fitbit via VPN in the mobile app

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    Default Allow access to Fitbit via VPN in the mobile app

    Allow users to ensure Internet security by connecting a VPN to their phone, and at the same time be able to sync their devices with the app, while remaining safe.

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    I never thought that it is possible

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    I think they definitely should make this possible. I'm usually surfing through the internet using a VPN because I don't wanna share my personal data with websites. Fitbit bans VPN usage and partially I understand their decision, but it's not comfortable for users. I think they should make it possible, at least allowing access to the main operations and pages. At least, you should unban IPs of NordVPN and expressVPN because these are probably the best products on the market. I read a comparison between expressVPN and nordVPN and these products seem to be trustworthy. So, please, allow users to connect via VPN, at least some of them. Thanks!

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