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    I'm looking into getting an air conditioner.

    Windows slide sideways and I've had that type of window conditioner before and I don't really like it, so not my best option, but doable.

    Central air is a problem cause my furnace is not designed for adding air. Have to get a whole new furnace designed for air. Too expensive.

    Now I run into a type I never heard of before - Split Mini air conditioner, or something like that

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    Fixed air conditioners have become common in many homes in the UK. They keep you comfortable throughout the day and can significantly aid sleeping at night through hot spells. The home air conditioning units we install are extremely energy efficient and whisper-quiet. The energy efficiency ratings of the units we install are exceptional, with most the domestic air conditioners being rated “A++”. When using air conditioners as your primary source of heating you can make significant savings against using conventional radiators.

    When selecting home air conditioners, there are many factors to take into consideration. The number of rooms, dimensions, layout and aesthetics are all important as well as the cost implications. Manufacturers have worked hard to create a wide array of models and systems that look very aesthetically pleasing in the home, and some units can seem virtually invisible in a room.

    We provide a free site survey no matter how big or small the job. All surveys are carried out by our experienced aircon engineers who can tackle even the toughest of domestic air conditioning installations. To find out more about specific rooms in the home click the links below.

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    Like you, I was also looking for an air conditioner. But I don't understand much about air conditioning. With such a hot summer, I just need to install one in the apartment. I know that there are different types of air conditioners, but I cannot choose a specific one. At work, I shared my problem with a colleague. He advised me to contact to resolve the issue. Since I have no other option, I decided to do so. After a short consultation, I chose what I wanted. A week later, a new air conditioner was installed. Finally, I can escape the heat in the house. The main thing now is not to forget to top up the refrigerant and clean the filter in the air conditioner every month. I think I can do it for sure.

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    Has anyone tried a portable AC?

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    Mini-split does not require much space, does not take up a window opening, and does not interfere even in the smallest rooms. All of its components are very compact (that is why it is called a mini) and connected by a thin tube, which goes into a separate hole in the wall (it is well sealed, does not let the cold, moisture, etc.). In addition, such a system is virtually silent. Also, such plans rarely have aircon leaking water. The significant disadvantage of mini-splits is that the external unit stands out on the house's facade. If the climate system is needed in the building, the facade of which cannot be changed, the choice of a mini-split will have to be abandoned.
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    Amazon always sells items that aren't theirs and sellers never know shipping costs

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    Before choosing an air conditioner for my home, I researched many articles and websites. It isn't easy if you don't know much about technology. I had a long choice between inverter and the usual conditioner, but nevertheless, I decided that inverter is better and cheaper. The store assistant said that they have a discount on air conditioners, that is why I decided to take an air conditioner with the installation. I got it 2 days after the order. When the technician from ac repair st pete installed it for me, I was surprised, I thought it would work noisily. The unit cools and heats the room quickly.

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