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    Default Camera delivery !!

    Have you ever ordered a camera with delivery? If so, what kind of delivery did you use and could you track it?

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    Terry, been there.
    I have had too many delivery nightmares with UPS and Fedex. So I don't use them for my photography orders anymore. For me right now it's either buying from a representative or no deal.

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    Your shooting package must be extraordinarily rich in information and extraordinary phenomena that could be enormously sought by amateur hunters but also professionals. I made a sniper order a year ago but because of the pandemic they didn't reach me. But now I made the order through sendungsverfolgung and finally arrived at me the long-awaited Lunette. If possible, I'd like to look at your work. I am a great lover of hunting, so for me any new material is something fantastic and necessary. In case I don't know anything about hunting weapons I'll still be here to get some advice

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    I did, but I was not very satisfied with the delivery and the delivery conditions

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    You can try any of the delivery methods, the important thing is for your camera to reach the ideal condition

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    I don't quite understand the question. When you order goods from a store, there is a shipping service offered there, and usually, there are 2-3 companies that can be involved. Some companies can help ems tracking orders. If there's more than one, that's handy. And when you just order one camera, the main thing is to decide on the model and order on the site where it's actually sold. Note that tracking can show incorrect information. I don't know why there is probably a vast number of logistical processes, which makes it difficult to accurately monitor.

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